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What: do I want to accomplish? decisions need to be made? does my future look like?

Being a competitor and athlete has always been part of my life. Whether it was basketball, swimming, gymnastics, soccer or street hockey with my brothers. I always wanted to be active and always played to win. After completing college in 2010 with a degree in psychology, I turned to the weight room to get myself back into an active lifestyle. I became hooked within weeks. I loved the heavy weight, the challenge, and most of all the way it improved myself physically and mentally. Almost a year into lifting on my own, I had the pleasure of meeting and training with a pro bodybuilder and my current coach Kina Elyassi, who gave the confidence and encouragement I needed to decide to compete in Women’s Physique.


Why: do I compete? do I have so much passion? am I motivated?

First show was March of 2013 where I took 1st in my class and qualified for Nationals. I competed in my first national show in New York July of 2013 where I took 6th. Took my first official off season the rest of 2013, then began my prep for the Arnold Classic Amatuer in March of 2014, where I took 4th place out of 52 competitors. This was the biggest show for me and to place in the top 5 among the best international athletes was an amazing experience and proved to me that I have what it takes to compete with the best of the best. Moved onto nationals again in July of 2014 in New York where I took 5th place. Rest of 2014 was spent in my second full off season.


How: have I developed? do I stay focused? do I keep pushing myself?

In 2015 I did my first junior national show in Charleston, SC in which placing didn’t go as well landed in 13th place. Not accepting defeat I competed in a National show a month later in New York and took 5th again. The rest of 2015 was spent working harder than ever to build, grow, and develop my physique to the best of my ability. Thanks to coach Kina we made some MAJOR improvements and 2016 was my year, completing 3 shows – junior USAs in Charleston SC landed 2nd place (missing my pro card by 1 spot), 4 weeks later went to Chicago and took 1st earnings my pro card and becoming an IFBB Pro! Finally finished my successful season with my pro debut back in Chicago for the wings of strength – landing 6th out of 19 pros!


Do: I recognize my growth? I live in the present? I build from my weaknesses?

My 2017 pro season started at the Omaha pro where I took 2nd place, with an amazing line up of ladies. We had 3 weeks to improve until the Chicago Pro which was one of the biggest pro shows in history with 250 IFBB pros! I brought a better package to Chicago in July 2017 and landed in 3rd call outs (top 15). As any determined athlete, I went on to the Tampa Pro 2017 to end my season. The approach to Tampa was to come in how I envisioned my physique; fuller muscles, not as dry, but still muscle separation and leanness as criteria states. Not so much luck, landing top 15 again. I was looking forward to another great off season going into 2018. In March 2018 I started the season at the Arnold Classic; which was one of the best experiences to date! Placed 12 out of 24 competitors and Coach Kina and I were very happy with the overall improved physique. Next up was the St. Louis Pro March 2018 where I took 2nd place, again missed the Olympia qualification by one spot! Coach and I hit the Orlando Europa Games mid April, landing a comfortable 7th place. I had one more shot at the Champions of Power and Grace pro show May 2018 in Raleigh, NC. This was the biggest line up of my career with 30 IFBB WPD pros. I had ZERO expectations going into this show, hoping to land at least top 10. Which I did landing 9th place out of 30 pros. Kept myself very busy as an IFBB pro. There was incredible amount of growth coming from this journey thus far; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically. I’ve been able to guide my clients, friends, followers, supporters, and even strangers towards holistic health and wellness. KLeeMade will continue to deliver you the best in fitness, education, and motivation. Let’s conquer 2019!

In the midst of all this competing for the last 4 years, I am a full time personal trainer who dedicates her life to improving others through fitness and living healthy, active lifestyles. I hold a personal training, corrective exercise specialist, and nutrition certification through NASM. It is my hope to continue this journey in the IFBB and to motivate and encourage others to live healthy lifestyles. I want to bring back the golden era of female bodybuilding that encompassed feminine, elegant, graceful, and beautiful muscle. Showing women (and men) across the globe that being strong and muscular is beautiful, as long as you carry yourself with class and always make it a point to inspire others every chance you get. KleeMade is here to provide you with the education, resources, and motivation you need to reach all your goals. “Your body is my business.”